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John J. Ward

Zoning Officer

Director of Code Enforcement

Paul J. Dick
Code Enforcement Officer


Dan Diedrich

Health Officer

George Buckley
Rental Properties Inspector

Domenic Perfetti

John J. Ward

Plumbing Official


All residents are reminded to contact the Code Office at 610-534-4803 for permit information and requirements before commencing any new construction or alterations.


Residents are also reminded that sidewalks and any common access driveways must be cleared of snow or ice no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the snow has ceased to fall. Piling of snow in the street is strictly prohibited.


The Township enacted an ordinance whereby owners of rental units within the Township are required to secure an annual certificate of use for each occupied or unoccupied dwelling unit according to the regulations listed in the ordinance.


Residents are reminded never to blow grass clippings in the street. Doing so clogs the sewer inlets and can lead to roadway flooding. If you employ a landscaper, please pass this information along – your neighbors will thank you!



Improper management of discarded needles and other sharp items can pose a health risk to the public and our Public Works personnel. 


Township Ordinance requires needles and other sharp items to be placed inside a hard, plastic container, such as a detergent bottle, with a screw-on cap or tightly secured lid. We ask that you label the container “Not for Recycling” and place it out with your regular trash. Failure to follow the proper guidelines will result in fines ranging from $300 to $1,000 per occurrence.


Residents in Ridley Township are required by ordinance to clean up after their pet while walking their dog along streets or in public parks. When pet waste is left on the ground, rain and snowmelt can wash it into storm drains or directly into waterways. This “stormwater runoff” can contaminate our sources of drinking water. Animal waste breeds harmful bacteria promotes excessive plant growth and causes algae blooms, which can kill fish and other animals.


Selling your home? Contact the Code Enforcement office to obtain the necessary information before going to settlement. 


Any other questions regarding codes or ordinances, please contact the office at 610-534-4803.


Click here for Codebook



Ridley Township Zoning Map
Click here for Township Zoning Map


Ordinance 2065
Township Stormwater

Management Ordinance

*updated 9/28/22
Click here for Stormwater Management Ordinance

Click here for the Stormwater Fee Schedule

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