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Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing


The Township has contracted with Duke’s Root Control, Inc. to perform sanitary sewer smoke testing for the purposes of identifying defects within the sanitary sewer system. Testing is scheduled to begin this week in the following areas and continue on the dates listed below (weather permitting):

  • JUNE 15 – 18 - Ridley Township Study Area 21 (Woodlyn and Crum Lynne)

  • JUNE 20 - Ridley Township Study Area 5 (Derwood Park)

  • JUNE 20 – 21 - Ridley Township Study Area 8 (Swarthmorewood) 

  • JUNE 21 – 22 - Ridley Township Study Area PP-2A (Holmes) 

  • JUNE 22 – 23 - Ridley Township Study Area PP-2B  (Holmes)

Duke’s will be putting door hangers at every property in the study area with details on the testing process. Smoke testing is a cost-effective method of locating breaks and defects in the sewer system. A smoke test is performed by isolating areas of sewer main through the use of sewer plugs and then setting a device which pressurizes a non-toxic, non-flammable smoke through the isolated pipe sections. Defects in the main are identified by the presence of smoke. Those defects are recorded and photographed and then crews move on to the next section. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF YOU SEE SMOKE COMING FROM HOLES IN THE STREET. The smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard and will dissipate in a few minutes. Police and Fire Departments have been notified of the testing. If any affected residents have concerns on the process, please contact Duke’s Root Control, Inc. at 888-655-4085. Thank you.



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