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Details About Soliciting in Ridley Township

Several residents have asked what a Ridley Township solicitation permit looks like. Attached is a sample image.

Some key points to remember:

➡️ If you experience a door to door solicitation issue PLEASE DIAL 911 immediately.

➡️ Issued permits are signed by the Township Manager and include our watermarked municipal seal in the background.

➡️ All authorized individuals are required to have their permit on-hand at all times.

➡️ Anyone who is going door-to-door in Ridley must obtain a Soliciting Permit from the Township, except for the following organizations: any charitable, religious or philanthropic organization whose proceeds are applied to its cause must register daily with the Ridley Township Police Department. Any school, political or civic organization or service club whose principal office is located in the township shall not be required to register with the Township.

➡️ Ridley Township solicitation hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

➡️ If a “no peddlers”, “no solicitors”, “no trespassing” sign is posted on the property, no individual soliciting or peddling is permitted to knock, ring the doorbell, or otherwise attempt to gain the attention of the occupant(s).

➡️ All groups, regardless of type, must comply with the Township ordinance.

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