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Vacant Commercial Properties

The Ridley Township Board of Commissioners would like to address the issue of vacant commercial properties. First and foremost, these are privately owned properties, not township-owned. The Township cannot control whom a landowner sells or leases their property to – our role is that of enforcement of Township zoning laws and regulations to determine compliance with our codes and ordinances. In addition, the owners of these properties do not want to see their storefronts vacant any more than the residents or this Board. The owners purchased these properties in Ridley Township because we are an excellent community with residents who enthusiastically support small businesses. The Board works actively with these property owners to attract both small and large businesses to the township. The COVID pandemic has made this process more difficult. Developers had been somewhat reluctant to make any commitments during this time. As things look like they are progressing toward pre-pandemic stages, we are hopeful we can continue to assist our commercial property owners in drawing interest to our community.

As far as the property at MacDade Boulevard and Amosland Road, the owner is in the early stages of redeveloping the property and the buildings are expected to be demolished by the end of this year. Moreover, owners of other properties have applied for permits and are in the process of remodeling and renting.

Please be assured the Board of Commissioners will continue to work with commercial property owners and developers to promote Ridley Township as an excellent place to live, work and do business.

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